Who we are


Acting in the legal area since 1979, the firm has as a great advantage of the condition of some of its business partners. This factor allows reversing the whole experience and legal-business knowledge to provide the best care to the customers.

HESS & AREND ADVOGADOS firm is located in own modern headquarters in the city of Blumenau, with more than 500 square meters, and also an office in Florianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina.

Its facilities include one of the most modern offices in Brazil, making use of the latest technological tools available in the market, providing more speed and security for customer service.

Besides acting in the whole state of Santa Catarina, we maintain the professional partnerships with competent legal offices in all states of Brazil, especially in Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Distrito Federal. The law firm HESS & AREND ADVOGADOS is registered at OAB / SC under No. 544/2000.


“Extracting from the Law, intelligent and innovative solutions, safe and fast solutions within the commercial law, minimizing conflicts and achieving the specific needs of each customer”.


“To be the best law firm in the commercial law, due to the competence and ethics of an integrated team, resulting in customer safety.”


Client; confidence; knowledge; commitment; ethics; excellence; Social Responsibility.


“Custom Solutions.”

Our Politics

HESS & Arend Law Firm is committed to offer personalized solutions in Business Law with excellence, safety and attending to requirements applied, with the intention of being admired and with the management focus:

> The satisfaction of the costumer and other interest parts.
> The qualification of professionals;.
> Continuos improvement and efficiency of process.
> The availability of infrastructure and technology to carry out the work.